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More than what she seems (Rp)
It was a simple day at school, nothing out of the ordinary or anything really special happening. Well, with the exception of one school day.... In my class at that school day, the teacher announced of a new female student transferring from somewhere that I possible never been at. When she arrived, people greeted her with no trouble or anything, well with the exception of me since I was a little bit skeptical of the new girl. She felt a bit off to me, though I would probably find out sooner or later about her. She is:
A) A Princess from a royal family or a famous celebrity
B) Something that isn't a human but is taking the form of one for the moment (She can be a mythical or fantasy creature, something close to a faunus [from RWBY] or anything else that isn't human)
C) Anything that your imagination can come up with! There are no limitations!
1) We can keep things safe or head up to 18+ if you want (swearing's ok too), just nothing gross, no toilet stuff like scat and or anything
:iconsonicarchiefan45:sonicarchiefan45 0 110
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So for...the past few hours, I've heard people shout and climax over what's up with Smash, you know: Bayonets, Corrin and Cloud are in Smash; no Shantae, Banjo or Crash; banning; salty tears and bickering over characters that have NO CHANCE in making it in Smash Bros, and all other battles that fuel the Internet War going on. 
What's my reaction?Eyes rolling Spike  Eh, whatever...

Don't get me wrong, the characters that made it in Smash look fun to play, I'm more directing that to what's going on outside of Smash. I know you guys want some characters in Smash that should be in there, I know because I wanted Medusa from Kid Icarus to make it in, but you gotta remember that they need more support. Not the support of fans, but from their games especially. That and they need to have more "meat" into their moves so that they could be good characters instead of copies of others. Like take Shovel Knight for example, people want him in Smash just as bad as Shantae, but there's a few things that are keeping him out of it. 1. He's from an Indie Game and not even a 3rd Party company, so he doesn't have the 'omph!' to get in. 2. The things that he can do in his game, if he was in Smash, his moveset would consist of nothing but clone moves of other characters. And 3. ....Sakurai likes to screw with you guys, because he can...unfortunately...

Sorry if I come of as a bit of jerk here, but I'm just stating the things that people forget when it comes to character ballots in Smash. Kinda had to get this off my chest instead of join some side and fight, I mean hey I like to be the middle guy in everything. So if you guys put your guns down to listen to this journal and think about this, thanks, I appreciate it! ^^'


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United States
Behold, I am The Metallix! The ultimate fan of everything! (Or almost everything) I love various things: whether it be from comics, cartoons, movies, games, anime, you name it! Now before you get the wrong idea, let me explain myself. Now calling myself the ultimate fan would make me sound like I am a rabid fanboy and such, but before you start despising me, I would like to say I do have some humanity in me. Now if you read the introduction of myself, I love various types of things, but not all of them. If you like those things that I'm not a fan of, do not worry, I won't get in your hair.... just as long as you don't spam me with it or anything, then there will be problems. Any who, winning me over can be quite easy so don't be surprise if I start grabbing your leg because you showed me something that I love. Now that that's taken care of, I believe my time is over.

As the Metallix I have given myself the right to like whatever I want, respect people's opinions (unless they are not forced upon others), and not to start wars or anything! (I tend to end one, if I can...)

Oh yea and here are other ways you want to talk or do stuff with me, if you folks like.

PSN name: g_935-7
Wii U: Cyberwarrior56
3Ds friend code:5069-4725-6552
Skype: LordMetallix66N

P.S Hard Man and Eevees are awesome!
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